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What makes us special

We do everything we can to ensure our customers have the best personalized options, including special services available to them. Read more about it below and feel free to contact us with any questions.

second home
Welcome package
holiday care
your property
special package
second home
deluxe package
  • In addition to the welcome package

  • ​weekly inspection and ventilation 

  • Checking the connections for gas, water, electricity, etc.

  • Check windows, doors, gates, etc.

  • Emptying the mailbox, accepting parcels

  • monthly lawn care

  • Plant care in the house

  • Small repair work, e.g.: changing light bulbs, changing batteries​

  • Reporting of all relevant incidents


Video documentation of the inspection

  • Empty mailbox

  • garden care

  • weekly inspection

So that the holiday begins absolutely stress-free


  • Cleaning before and after your vacation

  • Fill the fridge to your liking

  • The beds are freshly made

  • Activate air conditioning or heating if necessary


Organization of garden parties and family celebrations

Reservations for events

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