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Second home care

plant support
caretaker service

Help with everyday work

The holiday is approaching, everything is packed and the whole family is already looking forward to the well-deserved relaxation in your paradise. How nice would it be when you arrive and everything is prepared for you, the lawn has been mowed, the apartment or house has been cleaned and ventilated, the refrigerator is filled, the beds are freshly made.

This is exactly how the holiday should begin.

We are the specialists in the field of

second home care.

Find out more about our comprehensive range.

We would be happy to help you rent out your second home.

We deliver the keys, do the final cleaning, check for damage after departure and are there for your tenants if they have any questions.

We are happy to take care of your system and also offer the classic caretaker service. Whatever your desires, you can rely on the services ofLeave Home Service Tyrol. We approach each client individually and fully customize our services to specific needs and preferences. According to our motto "Nothing is impossible", we offer solutions in all areas. Be it lawn care, stairwell cleaning, the recommendation of professional craftsmen for renovation or conversion and much more....

Property management during your vacation

It's finally here, the vacation, the reward for a hard, busy year, pure relaxation.

Enjoy the time while we take care of your property

We take care of your garden, water your flowers, take care of your pets, empty the mailbox, have them painted or renew your floor.

Find out more about our comprehensive services.

Sometimes it's just the little things that make it difficult, whether you don't feel like doing your shopping or simply don't have enough time to do your shopping, take care of the lawn, clean the terrace, bake a birthday cake....

For these, as well as for many other small and large problems, we offer you an excellent service.

Find out more about our comprehensive service.

We have set ourselves the goal of starting and ending your holiday as beautifully as possible.

After many years of working in the service sector and many customer discussions, we have made the decision in the field of second home care, property care during your vacation  and the support in everyday life, under the motto there is no such thing as starting a company.

We support you in all matters, starting with the care of your property, with rental or renovation. We have reliable and fair craftsmen for almost all work, who are also available at short notice in today's rather stressful times.

You have a garden party, a birthday party or just a barbecue with friends, we will help you organize it.

We will also help you to deal with everyday problems, we will go shopping for you, take care of your garden, terrace, in case of hospitalization we will be happy to take care of your beloved pets, as you can see, we will find a solution for everything.


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